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Iron Table Wagyu is proud to partner with restaurants, chefs and like minded retailers who share our vision for premier genetics and culinary excellence. We currently collaborate with numerous award winning restaurants and eateries and are open to new relationships. Wholesale pricing available upon request.

Beef is categorized into various classifications  based on numerous factors that  determine its quality. In the US and in Japan, marbling—also referred to as  intramuscular fat, or IMF—is a crucial measuring component



At Iron Table Wagyu, we have an immense level of pride in the Wagyu beef we produce, as well as the thoughtful animal husbandry required to cultivate our cattle’s premier genetics. We have received praise from Michelin star chefs, bbq joints, local eateries and everyone in-between for the quality, consistency and the standard of customer service we hold ourselves to. We would be proud to work with you and give your customers the culinary experience of a lifetime.

There’s great beef, then there’s wagyu. Then at the very top, there's Iron Table Wagyu.

- Kevin Jackson



Just an Idea

In 2018 we sat around a campfire in Gatesville, Texas and asked, how can we share moments like this with everyone? Ranching is in our blood, so we hit the drawing board and started talking about how we could disrupt an industry that has long left quality and honesty in the dust. We knew we were going up against a challenge, but that excited us even more.

the beginning of something great

We're just getting started

At Iron Table, we have a vision to go big or die trying. Our mission is to bring our product to every table we can, and showcase what true craftsmanship in the world of natural, premium beef looks like. We want to make this experience accessible to as many people as we can and become a household name, one steak at a time.

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